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For all those who are wondering about the black screen, go to “Funbag”, right-click it, and press properties. Then, go to the 'compatibility' tab, click. Relation, Kyonyuu Fantasy. Title, Funbag Fantasy. Type, Complete. Language, English. Publication, Non-free, commercial. Platform, Windows. Medium, Internet. Subscribe and like my video if you enjoy watching Thanks! Funbag Fantasy is a Ero Visual Novel Story where Lute Hendes was a low knights.

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Once she becomes enamored of Lute she is gloriously honest about her feelings and desires. A knight academy, what? Kyonyuu supposedly translates to giant tit or giant tits, but they went with funbag instead. March 4, at 5: Here's hoping we get to see more of Lute's adventure in Gaiden! He starts off the game graduating the very last in his class from the Knight Academy, but how his life turns out from that point is largely based on your own decisions. Someone really made that call. funbag fantasy